Thursday, 16 January 2014

Technical Specification Document

Final Major Project
Technical Specification Document
Luc Fontenoy + Dan Hargreaves


Our aim for this group project is to create a small section of a photorealistic dystopian city in a foreign setting which shows the divide between the 2 social classes, rich and poor. Using interactive elements to bring it to life.


We are planning to produce this project in-spec for next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and PC

Technical Specification

We aim to produce our work using next gen techniques and standards while having the ability to run smoothly on the target platforms listed above. To do this we have set these goals (subject to change)

No more than 1500 draw calls at any one time when playing the level
50,000 triangles for all unique assets
Texture size range from 256x256 to 2048x2048

Our target system will be the labs Alienware PCs, keeping to these frame rates when playing the level:

Target frame rate: 35 FPS
Lowest acceptable frame rate: 25 FPS

We plan to use the following texture maps to achieve our goal:

Diffuse maps
Specular maps
Normal maps
Gloss maps
Emissive maps
Alpha maps


5 Months Including time for polishing and preparing for degree show.

Software and Tools

Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Adobe Photoshop

Key Environment Features

Large guarded separating wall between the 2 social classes
Slums and decaying buildings
Commercial buildings
Road intersection
Large overhanging bridge
Large buildings in the distance
Interactive elements (see below for details)
Showing it to be a very lived in area, litter etc.
Context sensitive ways to cut off areas of the city from the player

Interactive Elements

Cameras ‘following’ the player and displaying their view and several monitors throughout the scene.
Areas only accessible via climbable ladders
Animated Holograms
Weather effects
Flying cars in the distance
Particle Effects


Our plan is to create 1 highly detailed city block alongside the dividing wall and distant buildings. Time permitting we hope to expand from 1 city block to 2, showing off more interesting areas, over wise we will model them as LODs – making them visible from a distance but restricting the player from getting up close

Workload Separation

To separate the workload fairly and to complement our individual skills we have come up with a basic asset list, this is so each person knows what they are tasked to do. Below is this list:


Basic concepts
Modular assets
Road system
Blog updates


Detailed Concepts
Modular assets
Dividing wall
Particle effects
Blog updates

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