Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Modular Buildings

This week our focus has mainly been on getting the modular sections of the buildings done, which includes metal panelling and trim for the high end buildings, and doors, windows and other fixtures for the shacks.

Dans modular panels

Dans early modular panels
Lucs corrugated metal
Lucs shack modular items

Some of the placeholder bashkits have been put into engine to get a better feel for how things will look. Upon initially importing however, we noticed the buildings were way too small. We were working to a 1x1 meter scale for the modular sections, but have since changed that to 1.25x1.25 to make sure everything is the correct height.

We've also started thinking more about key shots within the level and how we're going to control what the player sees with some concepts drawn up from the whitebox. This is a really key aspect, especially since our scope is quite large, we need to give the illusion of scale but do it in a very controlled way, to make sure we don't get too ambitious with playable areas. Hopefully in the next week we'll delve further into this before we start building the modular assets up in engine.

Lucs concept
This week and next, on the side, we need to start thinking about dynamic elements such as the holographic projections and cameras in the level and how the player interacts with them, we'll be doing tests in engine soon.

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